The Facts about Latin America

Overall status

The term "Latin America" can be regarded as a region, cultural and geographical world or group of States having a lot of geographical, political, cultural and other similarities between themselves and at the same time very different from other states.

Latin America - is a region located in the western hemisphere between the southern boundary of the U.S. River (Rio Grande) in the north and Antarctica in the south. Includes the southern part of North America, Central America, West Indies and mainland South America. Washed by two oceans: the West - the Pacific, from the east - the Atlantic. It is situated 46 countries and dependent territories of the total area of approximately 21 million square meters. km, which is approximately 15% of the total land surface of Earth. The boundaries between the continental countries are mostly on large rivers and mountain ranges.

Most countries have access to the oceans and seas are either island. Besides, this region is in relative proximity to a very economically developed states, the U.S.. Thus, economic and geographical situation of Latin America are very favorable, despite some of its isolation from other regions. In the state system, Latin American countries is a sovereign republic within the Commonwealth states, led by Britain, or possession of Britain, France, USA, the Netherlands (mostly islands in the Atlantic Ocean). Major political or other conflicts in this area is not observed. This is explained as follows.

First, the countries of Latin America have much in common in culture and history are similar in terms of economic development, so they actually have nothing to share. Secondly, the topography and natural conditions in general do not have to the development of armed conflict: many rivers, uneven terrain, etc. With regard to the dependent territories, they can not complain. Countries owners are their market for manufactured goods (whether it be mining or manufacturing or agriculture), provide jobs to the population, are investing huge capital in order to further economic development for more efficient use of natural resources (including as a tourist centers).

Geography of Latin America and profitably favors the development of the economy due to three aspects. First, access to the seas and oceans and the presence of the Panama Canal, secondly, the close location of the U.S., thirdly, a huge natural-resource potential, which has not yet been realized largely due to historical factors. Nearly all these parts of the country in the past were colonies, and some of them now remain dependent.

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